Come and join our Jazz Workshops for Adults! October 6 - 9, 2022,  Rybakówka Guest House, Bory Tucholskie 

Vocalists, guitarists, saxophonists, trumpeters, trombonists, violinists, bass guitarists, double bass players, drummers, and others are all welcome to join us. We’re happy to see everyone who plays in the styles of blues, jazz, and pop regardless of skill level. The maximum number of participants is thirteen. The line-up of instructors changes with each workshop, which is why participants who come to workshops more frequently will experience a variety of teaching methods. 

Classes are held in two groups. The first group is for pianists and is led by Kuba Stankiewicz. During the day this group works on pieces that everyone will play during the evening jam sessions. Stankiewicz concentrates on various aspects of playing jazz piano. The second group, led by Maciej Grzywacz, is for all the other instrumentalists and vocalists. Grzywacz concentrates on improving playing in a band. This group works with the accompaniment of the rhythm section. 

Depending on the wishes of the participants, lectures on the theory of improvisation, harmony, and rhythm can also be offered. During the evening jam sessions, the two groups join forces and play the pieces they worked on during the day. The level of the classes is adjusted continually to the skill levels of the workshop participants


Prepering for the workshops:

  • no later than on month before the workshop, we send out materials that allow participants to prepare easily for the classes 

Participating in the workshop will allow you to

  • develop your abiliti to play your instrument or to sing
  • learn new repertoire
  • master practis methods that will further your musical development
  • become inspired and make new musical friends

What we teach during the workshops

  • Playing in a band, singing with a band
  • Improvisation
  • Akompaniament
  • Jazz, blues and pop
  • Correct playing and singing technique
  • Music theory
  • New repertoire